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2 The Reporter — Issue #2, 2018 Message from the International Justice Incoming IJ Address to Convention Assembled Hyatt Regency Lexington, Lexington, Kentucky August 11, 2018 Thank you, everyone! Well I guess I'm your new International Justice. I'd like to thank immediate p a s t I n t e r n a t i o n a l Justice Kitty Maloney for her leadership over the past two years—we made a great team. I also thank the most recent International Executive Board for their service in helping move Phi Alpha Delta forward and position it in becoming the premier cutting edge organization we all hope it can be. Many thanks to those who have been District Justices, Assistant District Justices, Alumni Chapter Officers, Law and Pre-Law Chapter Officers, and Sisters and Brothers who worked on various committees, councils, and special projects throughout the past biennium. You are the backbone of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, and without you and your service, we would not be able to move forward. To the friends of Phi Alpha Delta, who have supported the fraternity—Thank you! To our families, and in particularly mine, thank you for your support. We could not do this without you. As we move forward, occasionally we need to stop to honor our history—those who came before us, and enjoy what we get out of this wonderful organization of ours, however, we need to remember where we came from and continue to work at improving the Fraternity. Remember, like anything else, you only get out of Phi Alpha Delta what you put into it. When I took the oath of office, I was wearing a particular pair of boots. About 50 years ago, in 1968, my father wore these boots while in the Army. About 20 years later, in my late teenage years, I ended up with the same size feet as my father, so for many years I never bought footwear as I would just wear hand-me-downs, including this pair of boots. In my late teens and early 20's I worked for an A&P supermarket where these boots served primarily as my work shoes; so when I put on the boots, it was time to go to work. Eventually, I moved on, left the grocery store, and began buying other shoes, so I no longer wore the boots on a daily basis. However, I've made it a point to wear them on certain occasions. They came out at my high school graduation, then when I graduated from college, a master's degree ceremony followed, then my JD, and now today. Okay, so why do I do this? At these special occasions, where there is celebration, and rightfully so, there is the urge to feel like you are on top of the world. I do this to ground myself, honor my history, and remember where I came from. When I look down at these boots on such occasions, I am reminded that this is not the finish line, and just like when I used to put these on regularly, that it's time to get to work. So what we need to get to work on are three initiatives for the 2018-2020 biennium. These are not easy issues, but if we are to continue to be a successful organization we must address and attempt to move forward on them. The three initiatives involve (1) developing and implementing new systems to address inactive and weak chapters throughout the Fraternity, (2) developing and implementing more value added programming for our International events, so that for the financial health of the organization such events become self-sustaining, and (3) the international expansion of Phi Alpha Delta. These are not easy goals, they will be difficult to achieve, but we must address these issues. At this time I reminded of a quote by one of our esteemed Brothers from Plains, Georgia, where he stated the following: "Our dreams are big—our hopes high—our goals long- term—and the path is difficult. But the only failure is not to try." –Jimmy Carter (Keener Chapter '86). The motto of my graduate and law school, Seton Hall University, is also particularly appropriate. That motto is "Hazard Zet Forward," which translates into modern English as "Whatever the Peril, Ever Forward." So my brothers and sisters, I ask you to please join me in honoring our history, remembering where we came from, and helping Phi Alpha Delta move forward by remaining grounded, putting on your boots, and getting to work with me. Together we can do this. Thank you. Jason M. "Jay" Ross, International Justice

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