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Page 16 of 33 MAY/JUNE 2019 15 tions, and the development of new or hybrid medical fields or specialties. is will increase the pressure on med-ed facilities to keep pace, especially as job descriptions merge and management responsibilities overlap. Harrod believes an APPA/ASHE collaboration has consider- able potential to improve med-ed FM in the future. "ere are academic medical centers where the academic se- nior facilities officer is going to APPA, and the hospital that sits on the campus, and is associated with the campus, is sending its SFO to ASHE," Harrod says. "At Wisconsin, the hospital is one of the larger customers from a utility standpoint; it is critical to have a great working relationship with the University of Wiscon- sin. Although the UW leadership team works hard to keep the hospital informed regarding utility services, other universities may not have this relationship in place." A collaborative effort between APPA and ASHE could help members in both associations improve the quality of the services they deliver. Credentialing is available through both organiza- tions. As the med-ed landscape continues to evolve, collabo- ration between APPA and ASHE to develop med-ed-specific programming could be highly beneficial to each organization. A well-attended med-ed roundtable at the 2018 APPA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, recommended the following action items: • Build a listserv or online communication cohort group within APPA membership of med-ed associated campuses to facili- tate dialog and networking. • Reach out to some of the group leadership contacts in ASHE and see if there are collaborative opportunities. is has already started through APPA's Facilities Performance Indica- tors survey, which is one way that directors of both organiza- tions can help develop consistent benchmarking. • Perform a gap analysis between the associations to identify collaboration opportunities for development and training. A follow-up med-ed roundtable will be part of the APPA 2019 Annual Conference, to be held July 15-17 in Denver, Colorado. Members who are interested in participating in this cohort group may contact Mary Vosevich at or Tom Becker at Mark Crawford is a freelance writer based in Madison, WI and can be reached at Call us at (877) 574-4313 or visit our website at real content. real planning. real results. © 2018 BMOC | Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. All rights reserved. G E T T H E M O S T F R O M Y O U R R E S O U R C E S BMOC makes your CMMS content authoritative so you can execute with precision whether you're managing an individual building or a multi-campus portfolio. We get in front of your assets so you can get precise content. Real information and real planning produce real action and real results. You're in control. We're your Operational Efficiency Partner. You're in Control. Consulting Services for New Construction, Existing Buildings, Accredited Healthcare Environments, and any CMMS

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